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Berma Displays





This year Berma Displays won the SMP Leader title. This certification aims to distinguish and give notoriety to the companies that position themselves as a engine of the national economy of the various acvtivity sectors, proceeding growth strategies and competitive leadership.


In order to respond to all legal and regulatory requirements related to our activity, and to promote the continuous improvement of our processes, Berma Displays acquired the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 certification. This certificate is defined as a competitive differential and represents the way the organization operates to meet the requirements of customers and stakeholders, constantly working to improve their performance.


In order to ensure that our activity is in line with sustainable forest management, Berma Displays is implementing a Management System to obtain FSC Chain of Custody certification.



Berma Displays – Internacional, Lda. Recognizes that the quality of the products and services provided are fundamental to the company’s success. This recognition, mirrored in this Policy, aims to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, an optimization of resources and a loyal way to achieve the objectives.


In this way we intend to:

– Work with dedication and innovation.

– Have competitive services with solutions adapted to the size of each job.

– Improve continuously, through the periodic review of the Integrated Management System.

– Comply with all rules and legislation applicable directly to the service we provide.

– Take into account the surrounding society and stakeholders.

– Manage productivity, ensuring the company’s profitability.

– Optimization of the management of the company’s technical resources and human capacity.






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